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2m 44sec   |   Language: English

Written by: Tyree Rush and Jonterri Gadson

Directed by: Lauren Gramprey

Character Design by: Lauren Gramprey, Zach Jones, Amy Jeong, Noah Jodice, and Pat Giles,

Animation by: Amy Jeong, Akeem Roberts, Chris Anne Lindo, and Jackie Collins

Background Art by: Zach Jones

Motion Graphics by: Sam Szura

Sound Design by: Endless Noise

Voices by: Amber B'ath and Jayden Libran

Executive Producers: Pat Giles, Travis Montaque, and Sarah Aitken

This video has been deleted.

Animated Holler presenters, Steve Steele and Mandy Perez cover trending topics from pop culture, to politics, and beyond.

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